Hockey Unlimited offers various services for our customers including skate sharpening, blade profiling and heat molding of skates. First time sharpening, profiling and heat molding is FREE OF CHARGE when customer purchases skates in our store.

Now it is possible to buy a stamp card for 10 skate sharpenings (10 skate sharpenings for the price of 8!)


Price list

Ice hockey skates sharpening 7€

Ice hockey goalie skates sharpening 9€

Skate profiling 12€

Figure skates sharpening 10€

Heat molding of skates 5€

Ice hockey skate blade holder replacement (price for one blade holder): 20€

Figure skating blades attaching to the boots (price per 2 blades): 40€


Price list for the 10 skate sharpenings stamp card:

Ice hockey skates sharpening 56€

Ice hockey goalie skate sharpening 72€

Figure skates sharpening 80€